3 Steps to Earning Trust

We often expect our staff and colleagues to automatically trust us. This isn’t an unreasonable expectation, however expecting the trust of others doesn’t create trust. In fact it can impede the creation of trust. Here’s 3 steps that will build trust:

1. I CAN do it

Prove that you are CAPABLE of doing what you said you’d do, and doing it well. Understand to what standard it needs to be done and who it affects. Consider that it’s also VITAL to realise that sometimes this means saying when you AREN’T capable of doing it as well as it needs to be done, and being humble enough to get support from people around you.

2. I WILL do it

Prove that when you say you’ll do something, you ACTUALLY do it and you do it BY WHEN you said you’d do it. This also means letting someone know the moment you realise you won’t be able to do it. Once you’ve let them know, you can find out what the impact of not doing it was, and then recommit to doing it by another time.

3. I will KEEP doing it

Prove that doing it well once or twice wasn’t a fluke. Be explicit with your intention (what you intend to achieve by your consistent actions). Be flexible enough in your commitment to alter what action ‘it’ actually is in order to fulfil on your intention.

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