3 Ways to be a Better Leader

So you want to be a better leader but you’re swamped with a task list as long as your arm? Here are 3 quick ways to improve your leadership skills and have a creative, positive team, starting TODAY:

1. Be vulnerable. It’s not a sign of weakness.

Although you’re a professional, it’s isolating for your team if you keep your faults, questions and insecurities close to your chest. Let them know what you’re dealing with. Your team will soon learn to do the same with their own concerns or capability gaps. Then you’ll have a great idea of what your team needs.

2. Spend some of your valuable time just talking.

Make time just to talk. Take on the responsibility of going and finding out if there are any issues your team is having. Create opportunities to find out what it’s like for each of them, and engage them in problem solving and conflict resolution in the workplace. If you don’t make these opportunities, chances are they probably won’t either.

3. Take time to consider ‘why’ you are leader.

You may have made it here based on hard work and technical expertise, but now it’s time to consider what new or emerging purpose you may have in leading your team. And share it with them regularly. They need to know what motivates you and your vision for them. Simon Sinek explores this question of ‘why?’ further here.

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