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Meet James ‘Fish’ Gill

‘Fish’ is an Australian transformational facilitator and yoga teacher. He creates transformative social and emotional learning experiences that grow empathy, connection and understanding in the face of conflict, complexity and difficulty (or as he terms it, turn shit to gold). Fish’s programs have grown connection and transformed complex interpersonal challenges in multinational organisations, businesses, non-profits and schools throughout Australia since 2008.

As a consultant Fish advises on the development and delivery of contemporary rites of passage programs in schools and communities, and supports the development of transformative facilitation skills in facilitators and educators committed to the growth of compassionate, connected, courageous communities.

Fish’s love of yoga has played an essential role in developing his sense of peace and contentment in a complex, challenging, ever changing world. His great passion is working with men who are keen to relate more closely to themselves and others, sharing yoga and breaking down modern misconceptions of yoga that can make it feel inaccessible. He teaches in Australia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, from the tradition of ISHTA- the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, having completed his yoga teacher training through Tamara Yoga in Perth, Western Australia.

His warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as an educator, actor loving father of two young adults, and passionate, fallible human. He has presented to educators nationally and internationally on facilitating deep engagement and empowering communities in the face of difficulty.

Presenting nationally and internationally

Fish presents at major educational conferences on building engagement and resilience, and growing Social and Emotional Competence. He presented at the 2017 Positive Schools Conference (Perth & Brisbane), the 2017 Western Australian Mental Health Conference (Perth), the 2018 Positive Education Schools Association Conference (Perth), the 2018 iOTF5 Conference (Gold Coast), and the 2019 iOTF6 Conference (Sydney and Gold Coast).