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Fish achieves a deep level of engagement from the outset, and the openness and trust he creates in groups enables critical, often difficult, conversations to occur easily and skilfully. He engages participants intellectually, emotionally, physically, verbally and non-verbally, giving each participant the opportunity to contribute personally, meaningfully and comfortably. His sessions stimulate empathy and grow a collaborative mindset, enabling teams to talk openly and skilfully about inter-personal dynamics they have been uncomfortable to address. From this new space of honesty and understanding, participants can begin to grow the future positive culture they desire.

His programs involve ‘experiential learning’, a process where participants explore and actually ‘road test’ new ways of thinking, doing and feeling about actual scenarios of challenge and conflict. Experiential learning enables an experience of behavioural change, whereas traditional methods of instruction often deliver only a conceptual understanding.


Experiencing a blame-free environment for honest discussion around conflict

It’s common to perceive challenge, difficulty and conflict as something to keep to ourselves, or to try to avoid.  In our programs, though, participants will experience a unique environment; a deep, authentic, empathetic understanding of one another’s challenges, making the honest, open discussion of strategies to transform our challenges compelling and inspiring.

Practicing practical communication tools to overcome challenge and conflict

Participants will, through practice, begin to become skilful at using simple, powerful communication tools to reframe challenges, experience an empathetic mindset, and increase their ability to transform inter-personal challenges with new ways of thinking and communicating around conflict.