Becoming a great Leader: Part 2: Thinking in questions

If you’re reading this you know you can be more effective than you are being with your team. In this 3-part blog I’m offering 3 things you can start doing today to become a great leader.

2. Begin to think in questions

Great managers and leaders have the ability to think in questions, both questions for themselves and questions for others. The ability to always find the next question will build a sense of empowerment within your team. Narrow down your goals and your concerns into one well thought out question, or a series of them. A well constructed question can open and engage your team in a conversation about where you want them to go and how they think you can get there.

Here’s a few to get you going:

  • What does my team need from me that they’re not already getting?
  • What are the things I do that make it difficult for others?
  • What are the changes I’m making in my attitudes and behaviours and who needs to know?
  • What positive emotions do I want to build in my team and how can I do it?
  • What sort of management do members of my team respond to most?
  • What negative perceptions within the team can I take responsibility for changing, bit by bit?
  • How am I going, according to my team?
  • What’s the stuff no-one feels safe enough to address?

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