Becoming a great Leader: Part 3: Consistently reframe challenges

If you’re reading this you know you can be more effective than you are being with your team. In this 3-part blog I’m offering 3 things you can start doing today to become a great leader.

Part 3. Consistently reframe challenges

Great managers and leaders have the ability to reframe even the most challenging situations for themselves and for others. Give your team a sense of power by changing negative perceptions of people and situations (perceptions that result in feeling stuck, resigned or unwilling) into positive perceptions (perceptions that open the door to greater understanding and new willingness). Help them to develop the skills to do the same. Reframing can turn inaction into effective action in an instant, while reducing ‘silo mentality’ and gossip.

Reframing challenges positively takes practice. It doesn’t come naturally to human beings. Instead, we’re more likely to get stuck in thoughts such as “This always happens…I’m over it”. So practice and get your team to practice too.

Here are some examples:

Negative Perception – “He’s arrogant, not a team player at all”

Positive Perception – “It’s possible we just haven’t managed to include him yet, and show him how we rely on his input. I’ve experienced that before when I was new to a team. Let’s do something about that.”

Negative Perception – “Management just doesn’t get us at all, they never have”

Positive Perception – “Maybe they don’t see that. Or if they do, they don’t know how to make it work better. What do you think about working with me to help them understand what kind of relationships the team needs with them? Let’s have them win too!”

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