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A drama-based leadership program to empower senior students Years 10 – 12

At a time when they are expected to be positively influencing the school community, our senior students are often juggling diverse challenges; study, family, peers, work, sport and parties. The program engages the whole year group in peer-centred learning and reflection activities to deepen empathy and understanding, while providing a platform to consider the positive change they want to make in the school community in their final years. The result is empowered, resilient and compassionate leaders.

Format: Cooperative improvised drama activities, individual and peerlearning, facilitated group discussion.

1 x 3 hour session, 120 students maximum

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General Capabilities:

“The girls found it refreshing that Fish valued their personal experiences, rather than trying to ‘tell’ them about leadership…they came away with a determination to work together to achieve their clear, simple goals.”
Suzy Bayne, Head of Year, Methodist Ladies’ College

Western Australian Curriculum Outcomes

Health and Physical Education (Year 10): Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing (ACPPS091), (ACPPS093), (ACPPS094). Drama (Year 10): Drama conventions (ACADRM050). 

Health studies (Year 11): Skills and processes – Self‐management skills, Interpersonal skills. Drama (Year 11): Drama ideas, Drama skills, Drama responses, Drama in society.