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We support leading schools, teachers and learning communities to:

  • Effortlessly integrate Social and Emotional Learning strategies into your teaching
  • Develop your individual Social and Emotional Competence, which underpins SEL
  • Create transformative whole-school experiences that create a culture of SEL
  • Grow deeper understanding and connection between teachers, students and parents

Grow Profound Connection from Classroom Conflict

We provide professional learning so you have Practical tools for social & emotional empowerment in challenging times. You will grow the skills to create learning spaces that support deeper student engagement, model Social and Emotional Competence as you teach, effortlessly support profound SEL and mental wellbeing in the classroom, empower students facing personal difficulty, conflict and change, and develop the SEL skills and understanding of your teaching peers.

Create Transformative School Experiences

We provide expert guidance so you can design and deliver camps, celebrations, parent & community engagement events and whole school experiences that are underpinned by, and support, SEL. These experiences will provide greater whole-school understanding of your commitment to the social and emotional empowerment of students, staff and the school community, and will deepen the community’s support of your commitment.

Grow Communities of Connection and Belonging

We assist you in developing practical ways to create a shared understanding between you, your students and their parents in supporting the SEL of your students. You will develop a shared language that will connect you with students and parents, and you’ll gain skills to empower students facing challenge, conflict and change so they can hold each other and themselves to account.


The program creates opportunities for teachers to personally and collaboratively address the following AITSL standards:


  • Standard 1: Know students and how they learn
  • Standard 3: Plan for & implement effective teaching & learning


  • Standard 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments


  • Standard 6: Engage in professional learning
  • Standard 7: Engage with colleagues, parents/carers & community


The program draws on the following evidence-based frameworks:

General Capabilities:


Marni Klein is an American facilitator, coach, and trainer settled in Perth with her family. She has been creating youth support programs and working with adolescents, parents, and teachers for the past 20 years. Marni holds degrees in acting and communication, is a certified coach, yoga instructor, and has completed training in Rites of Passage with Dr Arne Rubinstein. A mother of two daughters, Marni is keenly aware of the challenges girls face growing in to healthy women. She is dedicated to fostering wellbeing and serving individuals and groups who seek positive change. Her background in experiential learning, team development, coaching, drama education, and yoga all come together in a relatable approach to social and emotional development. Marni presented on facilitating SEL in the classroom at the 2018 iOTF5 Conference (Gold Coast), and the 2019 iOTF6 Conference (Sydney and Gold Coast).

James ‘Fish’ Gill is an Australian transformational facilitator and trainer based in Perth, and presenting nationally and internationally. He has created transformative social and emotional learning experiences for schools, businesses and communities throughout Australia since 2008. As a consultant, Fish advises on the development and delivery of SEL and Contemporary Rites of Passage programs in schools and communities, and develops exemplary transformative facilitation skills in facilitators and educators. He has completed the Level 1 & 2 Rites of Passage Training with Dr Arne Rubinstein. His warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as an educator, yoga teacher, actor and loving, fallible father of two young adults. Fish presented at the 2017 Positive Schools Conference (Perth & Brisbane), the 2017 Western Australian Mental Health Conference (Perth), the 2018 Positive Education Schools Association Conference (Perth), the 2018 iOTF5 Conference (Gold Coast), and the 2019 iOTF6 Conference (Sydney and Gold Coast).

“It was fun, light-hearted, non-threatening, and a real confidence builder and group builder. The session was such a great way to get people thinking and interacting out of their comfort zone.”
Deputy Principal, Greenfields Primary School