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Leadership training that grows an authentic understanding of the people you lead, the terrain and the weather ahead, and the best way forward

Just as good surfers read and understand the ocean, good leaders read and understand people. I’ll help you develop a foundation of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness that then allows you to engage authentically with those around you, and lead them skillfully through the challenges ahead.

You’ll be supported to build excellent working relationships with the diverse personalities in your team, excel at difficult conversations, increase trust and collaboration within and between teams, ignite the desire and productivity of those around you, and lead your team through even the wildest conditions.

Format: This leadership development program can be delivered to a leadership/ management team or one-on-one. It can consist of a series of full-day, half-day, or shorter sessions over weeks or months.

We will tailor a program that works with your available time and your available budget.

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We build your capacity to:

“Incredibly liberating. I saw myself and others differently.
I am closer to my colleagues.”
Paul Blythe, Aurecon
“When I came into this process I believed we were broken and needed fixing. Now I see our diversity and skills.
We’re not different, we’re just more comfortable in our own skins.”
Steve Blackwell, CEO, Family Planning WA