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Grow your team’s ability to truly live your organisation’s values

Your team’s lack of connection from your values can impact negatively on the growth and success of your business. It can even create an undercurrent of negativity and cynicism that becomes toxic.

It’s one thing to have company values that aim to strongly guide ‘the way we are’, however it’s another thing entirely to have these values really understood, owned and lived by each of your staff.

The program will realign and re-energise your team, supporting them to embrace and champion your company values and create a ‘way of being’ that both works for them as individuals and aligns with the values of the company.

Format: The Living Our Values program can be delivered to a whole team of up to 25 people. It can consist of a series of full-day, half-day, or shorter sessions over weeks or months.

We can tailor a program that works with your available time and your available budget.

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Your team will:

“You listened to our corporate needs and challenges and delivered beyond our expectations. Laughter brought our team together. We enjoyed the journey.”
Daniel Curry, Development Leader, Aurecon