Mastering Improvisation Skills 2017-05-22T08:43:20+08:00

An improvised drama skills program for Years 4 – 12

Focusing on the key skills of improvisation – making and accepting offers, advancing, extending, observing and being present – students will learn to master a range of improvisation games. Drawing on their personal understanding of human responses in diverse situations, students will use voice, movement, role, situation, space, character, time and relationships to create improvised scenes that are both truthful and captivating. The program will grow a classroom environment of openness and empathy, increasingly free from the fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

Format: Cooperative improvised drama activities, individual and peerlearning, facilitated group discussion

9 x 40min sessions, 32 students max

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General Capabilities:

“It was fun, light-hearted, non-threatening, and a real confidence builder and group builder. The session was such a great way to get people thinking and interacting out of their comfort zone.”
Deputy Principal, Greenfields Primary School

Western Australian Curriculum Outcomes

Cross curriculum priorities: Sustainability. 

Drama: Making (ACADRM035), (ACADRM036), (ACADRM036), (ACADRM037), (ACADRM042), (ACADRM043), (ACADRM042); Responding (ACADRR045).