If you’re a compassionate, courageous, connected guy who is committed to growing a magnificent future for your family, your community and the world, then join Australian Transformational Facilitator James ‘Fish’ Gill in this tropical paradise.

Over 7 days you’ll be guided through a daily yoga and meditation practice (absolute beginners welcome), surf adventures, rituals of playfulness and connection, and skilfully facilitated discussion. Like healthy communities have done for thousands of years, you’ll connect with other guys who are also juggling complex, passionate lives, going deeper into what really matters to us, and how our masculinity can be a healing presence in our communities. We’ll be exploring the barriers to courage, compassion and connection, and growing a sense of deeper accountability to our ‘brothers’, families and communities. Together we’ll find our own heart-centred balance within the complex demands of our lives; work, family, friendships, relationship and time for self.

You’ll discover ways to grow a greater sense of support and balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so you can live a passionate life more effortlessly. You’ll be guided through a yoga and meditation practice, facilitated group conversation about the things that matter most to you, and solo reflection so you can:

  • DE-STRESS from the worries that currently impact you
  • CONNECT with men who are committed to growing a world that works
  • DISCOVER practical tools to untangle the conflicts and upsets in your life
  • RE-BALANCE your wellbeing with the complex demands of your life
  • RE-CHARGE so you can return to those you love with your cup full

This retreat is open to ALL MEN from any background, religion, political persuasion or sexual orientation. No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

For more info and bookings see the Men’s Retreats page.

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