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Reduce stress and grow greater resilience and mental wellbeing through the practice of mindfulness

The workplace environment can often present us with a set of unique pressures that create stress and challenge our mental wellbeing. Unmanaged stress can affect our performance, impact our mental and physical health and negatively impact our personal relationships.

The program will introduce you to tools that enable you to grow and maintain your sense of mental well being, understand and resolve interpersonal challenges and conflict, and bounce back from stress. The program draws on the fields of positive psychology, conflict resolution, and yoga & meditation.

Format: The Mindful Resilience program can be delivered to a whole team of up to 15 people. It can consist of a series of full-day, half-day, or shorter sessions over weeks or months.

We can tailor a program that works with your available time and your available budget.

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Your team will:

“The effect you’ve had on me and my staff has been phenomenal. I don’t know if I could’ve got through this year without you.”
Kyoko Metz, Director, Context Anthropology