Practical Resilience Skills 2017-05-22T08:43:20+08:00

A drama-based conflict resolution skills program for Years 5 -12

Students will develop empathy and resilience in relation to situations of stress, conflict and difference through the use of key drama practices; improvisation, role-play, ensemble, contextual understanding and characterisation. They will grow an understanding of human responses in diverse situations, and learn to identify and use their inner strengths to create positive change.

The program will grow stronger, more peaceful relationships in the classroom. Activities draw on Augusto Boal’s pedagogy of student-centred learning and self-reflection.

Format: Cooperative improvised drama activities, individual and peerlearning, facilitated group discussion.

9 x 40min sessions, 32 students max

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General Capabilities:

“Fish is an expert in his field, guiding students to take risks and experiment with new ways to share ideas and concerns.”
Julia Perkins, Drama Teacher, John Curtin College of the Arts

Western Australian Curriculum Outcomes

Health and Physical Education: Communicating and interacting for health and well-being (ACPPS055), (ACPPS056), (ACPPS058), (ACPPS071), (ACPPS073), (ACPPS074), (ACPPS075), (ACPPS093), (ACPPS094), (ACPPS098). 

Drama: Making (ACADRM035), (ACADRM036), (ACADRM036), (ACADRM037), (ACADRM042), (ACADRM043), (ACADRM042); Responding (ACADRR045).