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Conflict resolution skills to transform inter-personal difficulties into gold

For most of us, conflict is something we avoid – we don’t know how to skillfully address the situation, and we worry we might just make things a whole lot worse by trying – so we suffer in silence, or run for the hills.

I’ll help you to understand the mechanics of conflict, introduce you to powerful tools to transform the most difficult situations and relationships, and support you to master those tools so you can create win-win solutions for all parties. You’ll be able to confidently anticipate and navigate challenges between individuals, nurture healthy relationships by fostering open, honest communication, and mentor other staff in effective conflict resolution.

Format: This conflict resolution program can be delivered to a whole team or one-on-one. It can consist of a series of full-day, half-day, or shorter sessions over weeks or months.

We will tailor a program that works with your available time and your available budget.

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We build your capacity to:

“With the coaching from Fish, we felt comfortable to make mistakes and have open discussion,
as we learned to master ‘win-win’ in difficult conversations.”
Mark Edman, Managing Director, NEO Financial
“The effect you’ve had on me and my staff has been phenomenal.
I don’t know if I could have got through this year without you.”
Kyoko Metz, Director, Context Anthropology