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Extraordinary skills to deepen your connection with those who matter most

Our capacity to stay open and connected to our partner, family and friends are challenged when difficulty arises, yet the deeper we love the greater the chance we will encounter difficulty. Our tendency to freeze, withdraw, or defend can lead us off centre, away from our truth and away from our loved ones. Why? Because most of us have never been taught the skills to step towards discomfort and turn it to gold. 

This heart-centred experiential training program will develop your mastery in leaning towards discomfort in order to create deeper freedom and connection with those who matter most to you.

“Fish radiates warmth and kindness in the most authentic and relatable way, making anyone and everyone feel as though belong even in the face of discomfort. He worked with me to transform anxieties, blockages, and resistance to love. Fish selflessly brings joy to others and I will continue to seek his support in achieving great things by (as he likes to put it) turning sh*t to gold!”

– Tamar Zalk


You’ll gain mastery of skills to stay open-hearted in the face of difficulty so that your personal moments of conflict can become moments of the richest connection. You’ll begin to live more peacefully and compassionately even when difficulties arise.

You’ll learn how to:

  • move beyond arguing
  • grow connection from disagreement
  • change your unconscious habits in conflict
  • stop ‘treading on eggshells’ and tackle big issues
  • deliver critical feedback while deepening connection
  • talk skilfully about the ‘elephant in the room’
  • dissolve conflict by identifying and meeting needs
  • articulate your own needs so you feel understood
  • have conversations that grow trust and understanding 
  • begin repairing past hurts
  • hold your personal boundaries with clarity and kindness
  • stay open and responsive in conflict when you’d usually react
  • skilfully create win-win solutions to your conflicts with others


Blending their compassionate facilitation styles with open-hearted storytelling, ancient yogic wisdom, and plenty of humour, Australian transformational facilitators James ‘Fish’ Gill and Sarah Cargill will connect you to the depth and power of your empathy and compassion. Over 5 days and 4 nights you will transform your current conflicts, changes and challenges into freedom as you are guided through a profound program of skill development that combines facilitated group conversations, rituals of playful connection, twice-daily yoga & meditation practices and personal reflection. You’ll share this process with other courageous people in the idyllic location of Talalla Retreat. 


This training is for you if you struggle to:

  • navigate disagreements with your partner
  • keep your cool in family dramas
  • feel understood by someone you love
  • relate well with an ex
  • parent your teenage children with clarity and ease
  • manage with conflict in your workplace
  • communicate with a difficult boss
  • support a friend in their difficulties

Courageous men and women of all ages, singles or couples, all nationalities, religions and walks of life are welcome. No previous yoga experience is required. The retreat will be facilitated in English and will be strongly language-based. 


James ‘Fish’ Gill is an Australian transformational facilitator and yoga teacher. Fish’s experiential social and emotional learning programs have transformed complex interpersonal challenges in communities, governments, corporations and schools since 2007. As a consultant Fish advises on the development and delivery of contemporary Rites of Passage programs, and grows transformative facilitation skills in educators. He has presented nationally and internationally on empowering communities in the face of conflict, challenge and change. His warm, compassionate facilitation style draws on his experiences as a passionate educator, actor, loving father of two young adults, and open-hearted, fallible human. Since completing his 350-hour yoga teacher training through Tamara Yoga in Perth, Western Australia in 2017, he has taught at yoga studios in Perth, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 

Sarah Beth Cargill is a transformational worker, yoga teacher and soul business advisor. Her passion is to inspire others to live in authenticity by connecting them to their purpose and true nature. With over 500hrs of yoga teacher training in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha & Calligraphy, she has a wealth of knowledge of the body and how powerful we all are to heal and transform. After ten years in corporate culture and overcoming her own chronic health issues Sarah was able to use these tools to help transform her life. She is now running sold out retreats all over the world and helping to open hearts, minds and bodies all over the planet.

When? 10-14 February 2020 (5 days, 4 nights)

Where? Talalla Retreat, one of the top retreat centres on the stunning south coast of Sri Lanka, a 3 hour drive from Colombo.

What is the cost?

Single room, full board $US 990

Twin share, full board $US $840

Fish’s style is genuine, relatable, and powerful. He brings deep and meaningful teachings, and his naturally calming and fun presence which made me feel at home for the week, at home at the retreat and at home with myself. Fish truly has a special gift for facilitating love and acceptance. I learned so much from him not only in class but in how he holds himself and connects off the matt.

– Hayley Wells


If you’re a compassionate, courageous, connected guy who is committed to growing a magnificent future for your family, your community and the world, then join Australian Transformational Facilitator James ‘Fish’ Gill on retreat in beautiful locations throughout Asia.

Like healthy communities have done for thousands of years, you’ll connect with other guys who are also juggling complex, passionate lives, going deeper into what really matters to us, and how our masculinity can be a healing presence in our communities. You’ll discover ways to grow a greater sense of support and balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so you can live a passionate life more effortlessly. You’ll be guided through a yoga, meditation, group conversation, playful connection, celebration and solo reflection so you can:

  • DE-STRESS from the worries that currently impact you
  • CONNECT with men who are committed to growing a world that works
  • DISCOVER practical tools to untangle the conflicts and upsets in your life
  • RE-BALANCE your wellbeing with the complex demands of your life
  • RE-CHARGE so you can return to those you love with your cup full

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.