Skillfully Upsetting the Applecart at Work

Buddha said “Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.” Even the most engaging leaders and managers can get attached to the status quo. It takes courage to raise issues that you see need addressing, and it takes creativity to do it skilfully.

Here are some things to try:

She’ll be apples!

Sometimes when we suggest ways of working or of being in business, it can land as criticism of those who have invested in the way things are. Sometimes we avoid change because change creates conflict, and most of us would rather run a marathon than face conflict. Why? Perhaps we fear we will make it worse. This points to a lack of skills in transformation of conflict. Be up front with the potential to upset people, and help your team understand that you imagine things can be easier for everyone.

Bad apple or change champion?

Begin conversations with people around you that focus on the way you want it to be for the team. Ask for their input into what needs addressing. Change is easier when there’s a shared perspective on what you all want for the future. Acknowledge that it’s not any easy conversation and commit to a reasonable time frame that does not expect immediate results.

An apple a day

Create regular opportunities to make corrections to steering, to make change constant, incremental, and increase our capacity to pull change towards us. Frame change as ‘some things we are looking at fine tuning over the next few months” or maybe “some major changes we expect to be chewing on for the next two years”. Give people the expectation of incremental change, and that it’s the sign of a healthy workplace.

Apples and oranges

We are not all the same. We want different things, we are frustrated by different things, and we naturally have different approaches. Find ways to keep acknowledging the diversity in your team and make it known that the healthiest way forward is to have robust discussion that results in meaningful input from all aspects of the team.

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