Team Building Tips: 3 steps for breaking down silos

Here’s 3 ways to build team effectiveness by breaking down the silos within your organisation:

  1. Have people outside your ‘area’ present at your team meetings, either to contribute (an observation, a different perspective) or to learn about your project. The more that each ‘unit’ in an organisation understands what the others are dealing with, the greater awareness they will have on what’s needed for the big picture.
  2. Take personal responsibility for creating opportunities for lower management, senior leaders and people on the floor to mix one on one or in small groups. Be creative in how you make the hierarchy less prevalent. Build relationships between people at all levels.
  3. We all form alliances and we all form perceptions. Open up a discussion in your team about what ‘negative perceptions’ it holds towards other units in an organisation. Acknowledging these perceptions as the symptoms of division, rather than the truth, will start the process of dissolving perceptions that form barriers to communication.

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