Team Building Tips: 4 steps to conflict resolution

Resolving conflict is at the heart of effective team building. If you are effective in resolving conflict within your team day after day, you’re going to create a high performing team. Here’s a simple four step process to resolve conflict within your team, and begin a powerful process of team building.

Step 1: Who?

In this conflict, what different groups or individuals are involved, both directly and indirectly. Ensure you have included everyone.

Step 2: They probably need…

Make a list of what each different group or individual needs from others. Get specific about what they need to know, understand and feel in this situation in order for them to have power and happiness.

Step 3: So I will…

Make a list of specific actions you will personally take (and by when) to meet the needs of all the groups or individuals involved. Add to this list the actions you will take to meet your own needs.

Step 4: Because I want…

Get clear about why you’re taking action to meet the needs of others. How do you want it to be for others and yourself? What will resolution look and feel like?

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    London Management Centre October 5, 2016 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Learning to de-escalate situations in the workplace is essential for managers and knowing how to turn conflicts into a positive learning curve for everybody.

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