Team Building Tips: Engaging others

Team building and conflict resolution doesn’t just happen. High performance is driven by team members developing skills in engaging others (often called leadership skills). If you’re interested in leadership development and high performance, here’s some essentials from the mouths of our current clients to involve and motivate others around you at work:

  • We ask open-ended questions, rather than delivering information
  • We provide variety, rather than make it long and boring
  • We remove any barriers, rather than adjust to them
  • We find a good place to communicate, rather than ‘any old place’
  • We create regular opportunities for one-on-one communication
  • We give personal examples to show our humanness, our vulnerability
  • We model vulnerability, openness and trust, rather than expecting them from others
  • We listen, rather than talk
  • We allow others to lead and we look to follow
  • We validate what we hear from others, rather than talking about “should” or “shouldn’t”
  • We make opportunities and time to reflect
  • We actively create opportunities to talk, rather than waiting for them
  • We take full responsibility for communication, rather than expecting others to
  • We leave space for nothing to be said, rather than avoiding silence
  • We demonstrate an interest in how things really are for others
  • We encourage feedback regularly

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    thanks for this blog, you give good tips for teambuilding.

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