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“Fish’s workshop was incredibly valuable to ​the young people​ at Camp Hero​. He gave them invaluable tools they will go on to use throughout adolescence and adulthood. ​He enabled them to look within themselves and consider those around them…which isn’t always easy to do when working with teenagers. Our students loved it and we can’t wait to work with him again!”

Alesha Kays, Schools Programs Manager, Zero2Hero

“Your facilitation style was excellent and was evident in the broad interaction by all the team. You have great skill in guiding the conversation without injecting yourself into the discussion. The fact that some felt it ok to be vulnerable is further evidence of your skills.”

Steven Dover, Director – Human Resources, Australian Council for Educational Research

“Above all else you were able to get us really understanding each other. We became a cohesive team with a sense of purpose. You gave us strategies to effectively deal with constant stakeholder challenges and make this program a success.”

Alan Brown, Program Director, Bankwest

“We’ve got the “Fish” buzz in the house today! There’s tons of talk, lots of excitement and very positive energy around what you did this morning. Very happy camper!”

Jo-Ann Flood, Development Officer, WA Dept. of Treasury

“A unique approach to dealing with conflict resolution and team building. Stretched most people’s personal boundaries that ultimately allowed the individual to grow and have a better understanding about the importance of team.”

David Carney, Dean of Boarding, Aquinas College

“Your workshop was creative, humorous, challenging and incredibly engaging all at once and I have already heard a variety of different lessons and thoughts come out of it for different individuals. Thanks so much!”

Emma Pegrum, COO, ICEA

“You listened to our corporate needs and challenges and delivered beyond our expectations. Laughter brought our team together. We enjoyed the journey.”

Daniel Curry, Development Leader, Aurecon

“The effect you’ve had on me and my staff has been phenomenal. I don’t know if I could’ve got through this year without you.”

Kyoko Metz, Director, Context Anthropology

“Excellent. Provided hope for the future, gave actions to be undertaken whilst also giving specific areas that need more action and care.”

Chris Harris, Divisional Director, Savills Project Management

“When I came into this process I believed we were broken and needed fixing. Now I see our diversity and skills. We’ve achieved a better understanding of each other as individuals. We’re not different, we’re just more comfortable in our own skins.”

Steve Blackwell, CEO, Family Planning WA

“I’ve noticed there’s a greater willingness to improve on the team environment – we are beginning with the end in mind. Individuals have been given more responsibility and are empowered and own the outcomes. Relationships between the various teams are better, and there’s much greater collaboration between teams to get the answer.”

Team Lead, Wheatstone Project

“Very enlightening. Learnt alot about myself and other people. A different approach to team building that provides follow-up work and not just a ‘one-off’ approach.”

John Andrich, Aquinas College

“A very fun, light-hearted, non threatening, confidence builder and group builder. Well done, you managed to engage us ALL.”

Deputy Principal, Greenfields Primary School

“Well presented, clear and fun. A really stimulating afternoon session. Such a great way to get people thinking and interacting out of their comfort zone.”

Teacher, Greenfields Primary School

“It was great to see everyone participate straight away. Related really well to the students.”

Cassie Greene, Year 10 Coordinator, Cecil Andrews SHS

“This has been a really interesting and valuable process. I look forward to us carrying this work forward!”

Richard Gould, General Manager, Swire Pacific Offshore

“I came in expecting the session to add value to the students and found that it was valuable to me also.”

Dean Menzies, Deloitte

“Incredibly liberating. I saw myself and others differently. I am closer to my colleagues.”

Paul Blythe, Aurecon

“Fun and engaging to everyone. Everyone showed their real selves. The session had everything.”

Justin, Mirrabooka Senior High School

“Although I usually don’t like being put on the spot in front of people, these activities were great. You thoroughly engaged all staff, it was fun and created a very safe environment.”

Teacher, Greenfields Primary School

“A safe and fun environment”

Cameron Marshall, Alphawest

“Very good. Fish engaged the audience with a lot of enthusiasm, clarity, fun and knowledge!”

Shaun Sia, Deloitte

“Very engaging, demonstrated that people will support an individual.”

Tracey Reimers, Mallesons Stephen Jacques